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Lower School (K-Grade 5):
Developing Mastery Across Interests and Strengths

澳门电玩城赌博's Lower School is a vibrant, joyful place. Curriculum is focused on educating the whole child and developing strong critical thinking skills. We offer a diverse program that encourages students to reach their academic, social and emotional potential in a challenging yet nurturing environment that embraces family, community and citizenship.

Lower School students find their passions and develop their interests and strengths at 澳门电玩城赌博. They become independent thinkers and competent decision-makers who are excited to learn. Faculty provide thoughtful attention to each child's academic progress and build classroom communities in which children feel comfortable taking risks, and in which all voices are heard and respected.

Whole Child Approach

In addition to emphasizing proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics, our Lower School program focuses on the humanities, science, world languages, and physical education. Music and visual arts are an integral part of our curriculum as they help to develop creativity, open-ended thinking, and collaboration.

Personalized Learning

At 澳门电玩城赌博, education is a partnership between the student, home and school. In keeping with the 澳门电玩城赌博 Learner profile, students are knowledgeable, curious, and reflective thinkers. The Personalized Learning Plan provides students with an individual goal that is driven by their passions, interests and aspirations while incorporating the academic skills and qualities that make for a successful life-long learner.


In the Lower School, students grow their independence and come to discover who they are as learners. Our program is designed to foster self-advocacy, so students understand their own learning styles. We have high expectations of our students' work, and 澳门电玩城赌博 teachers are skilled at challenging children to consistently set and reach new goals. Faculty confer with students individually and in small groups, helping them to find their voice and advocate for themselves as they prepare for the transition to Middle School.

After-School Programming

In addition to the school day curriculum, 澳门电玩城赌博 offers a wide range of outstanding after school enrichment courses through our 澳门电玩城赌博 Plus after school program. Classes are offered in a variety of disciplines including athletics, visual and performing arts, STEM, financial literacy, and more.

Explore the 澳门电玩城赌博 experience for your child.

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